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DRAWING ON CLOUDS Using observation and imagination to create photo-based artworks


Everyday observations, simple tools and a little leisure can inspire works of creativity. An example of this can be seen in this series of images created by designer Fabian Gonsalves. Fabian draws over photographs to illustrate imaginary characters from cloud formations.Air-StrikerA self-confessed daydreamer, Fabian grew up in Goa, amidst natural beauty. “The setting was like a fairytale. Running after butterflies in the fields, stargazing, playing amongst a herd of cows with my dog and catching fireflies, were a large part of my growing up”. This fun and enriching experience according to Fabian, made him inquisitive about life. “It made me question the science of things – how and why things work a certain way”. Being observant from a young age taught him to pay attention to what is around him and develop his own ‘way of seeing’.

Unlikely friends
The Onlooker

A graduate from the Goa College of Art, Fabian recently returned to Goa “for good” after spending a decade working in Mumbai and Dubai. Sitting atop a hill one evening with his dog, wondering about his future, he looked up at the sky “feeling blank”, till the clouds got his attention. “I took out my camera and took some pictures. When I reviewed them later, I realized I could imagine different interpretations each time”. 

2 pets and a rodent
Cloud Eaters
Hare and the Turtle

What fascinates Fabian most about cloud watching is that it lets him visualize infinite possibilities. “At times I see a shape of a happy dog, in few seconds it turns into a dragon juggling softballs! The scenario keeps changing like a never ending movie”. Typically, Fabian’s illustrations on clouds include drawings of animals and cartoon characters.  As forms dissolve, fading and appearing anew, Fabian manages to find inspiration to create new stories.HULKIronmanSpace JamThe idea has enthused Fabian to be prolific. He has created 28 such artworks (and counting) in the last month since he came up with this idea. He sets out for long walks everyday with his dog and DSLR. “I look up watching the vast sky while my dog looks down sniffing the earth. We both must make quite a sight! I take many pictures of the ever changing sky and make a note of shapes I can spot. It takes me about three hours to create each artwork in Photoshop and share the results on Facebook for friends to see”. Happy to share his work with others, Fabian is also curious about their perception. “I wonder what others would see in the same formation. Because when we start using our imagination, sky is the limit”.The Peeper

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