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In her Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from Grandmas

In her Kitchen is a beautiful collection of photographs and recipes from grandmothers around the world. Featuring sixty stories, the book is a loving portrayal of grandmothers’ affection and cooking, illustrating the universal language of food and family.

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In 2012, documentary photographer Gabriele Galimberti from Italy was commissioned by a magazine to travel around sixty countries for two years, to document couch-surfing. Before setting out on his travels, Gabriele visited his grandmother in Tuscany, his hometown. Typically, his grandmother had prepared his favourite meal, served with love. Her biggest concern about his long travels was who would feed him. Jokingly Gabriele assured her he would find meals cooked by grandmothers everywhere. The idea grew on him and he started interacting with elderly women he met and collecting recipes of their home-cooked specialities.

Upon his return to Tuscany after two years, Gabriele put together this project in a book format as a homage to his grandmother. The simplicity of his compositions capture the beauty of everyday things.  His portraits of women in their kitchens and homes are intimate but not intrusive. The food shots are arranged yet not over styled. Each portrait, supported by short biographies of the women, makes the book a unique record of women’s history.

In her Kitchen is an inspiration for photography enthusiasts and photobook makers, documenting family histories, food or portraits.In-Her-Kitchen-excerpt_Pagina_012-1024x519In-Her-Kitchen-excerpt_Pagina_022






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Watch this video, where Gabriele turns the (dinner) tables and makes his grandmother her famous dish, ravioli.

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  • P.Naik

    Its comforting to know in the middle of all the news of chaos and violence, that grandmas and their warm fragrant kitchens will always be there to exile ….!

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