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Photography Tips



by Aditya Kapoor

In this cathartic project, Delhi based photographer Aditya Kapoor illustrates his recovery from an emotional break-down. In 2011 his marriage ended, shattering his world. He had to find a way to accept his loss and let go of a decade long relationship.

Aditya turned the lens on himself taking self-portraits in ordinary street scenarios. We witness business as usual, till we spot him levitating.  Interestingly, the other people in the photos don’t notice him, making the scene look normal. The images are not manipulated digitally but actually shot in real locations. Aditya would set up a tripod and request friends or people passing by to photograph him while he jumped. The process of this project according to Aditya helped him rise above the crises and rediscover himself.

The fear of explaining his separation to friends and relatives bothered Aditya immensely. “People would question where is my better half and I would fumble. Finally, I decided the best way to confront my fears was head on”. Around this time, Aditya was invited to exhibit this work in a photo exhibition. He used this opportunity to put to rest speculations and move on. “I decided to invite my whole world to witness me come to terms with my life. I invited her and her current boyfriend, her mother, my parents and all our common friends to the show. It was my way of dealing with the harsh realities and it helped me heal in the process”.

Photographer’s Note on the project:

“My so called ‘normal’ state was my marriage. And that ended, as do many things. Recovering and in search of sublime freedom, I try to find fleeting moments of communion with myself. To do this, I lift myself up; I hover over thin lines—I leap, I rise, I try to forget. There is a need to remain in motion. Rediscovering myself in a clash between clairvoyance and emotional confusion, I structure myself around a formal opposition: between the body and its surroundings, or between being and having. Falling into an individual space, I find ways to bounce back.   I am in repair. I am not together, but getting there”.

About the author: Born in 1983, Aditya Kapoor studied design in New Delhi. His photography covers a range of socio-political issues. His work has been widely published in national and international publications. When not on assignment, he conducts photography workshops for students and enthusiasts. He volunteers for the Delhi Photo Festival.

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