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 We feature 10 Instagram accounts that give us virtual photo-tours of everyday life in Singapore. Each feed shows us a glimpse of life, as seen through the lens of Instagrammers chronicling different aspects of the place – people, culture, architecture, heritage or street life. Together they present a collective experience constructed through multiple points of view.


The profile description introduces the account as Singapore — more than just an expensive city. Through photos and short interviews, the account presents portraits of the ‘Humans of Singapore’ co-inhabiting the city and their diverse stories.

“I bought two of them, rescued two of them from a shelter, and the fifth one I’m taking care of. You see that one giving you a stinky eye, he’s a bit shy and so I’m training him to get used to strangers. He was abandoned because he wasn’t very good with other dogs, but he’s doing much better. They’re all great, really. I love all of them.” “How do you manage to make time to take care of all of them?” “Well I’m a dancer so I get a lot of time in the day, and I also have a family which helps me take care of them. Now it’s just part of my routine. But I also see a lot of people abandoning their pets after they realize they can’t take care of them. So if you’re planning on getting one – make sure you have time to take care of them, buy food for them, keep them clean, etc. etc. Otherwise it’s not worth it. People treat pet lives different from human lives. But even these little guys have feelings, you know? They also feel lonely and deprived when left alone. They’re just as human as you and me.”

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"Dear HoS, This is the story of Mdm Hamina, 56 yrs old & her son, Arif, 26 yrs old. Mdm Hamina singlehandedly raised her three sons. However, she had no idea that her middle son Arif, had cognitive challenges till the teachers at his kindergarten gave feedback that despite their best efforts, Arif was unable to read or write. They encouraged her to bring him to a specialist and who eventually diagnosed him – Arif had intellectual disability. Mdm Hamina subsequently enrolled him in MINDS, which is where I met her. She told me once, 'Who would look after him once I pass on?' Her two other sons had their own families and she was hesitant in placing this responsibility on them. She also told me, 'While I’m still alive I will do my best for him. Yes, his needs are challenging, but actually, he is a very peaceful and teachable boy.' Arif is extremely close to his mother. Whenever his mother has to attend to a function and can only return home late, Arif would always wait up for her. She told me, 'He will wait for me, or if he sleeps, he will wake up, come and find me just to say, “Ah Ma” before going back to sleep'. This is a picture of both of them on one of our volunteer photo shoots, which I thought truly captures their relationship. While we always hear stories of and know of people who have intellectual disabilities, we sometimes forget that there are very real people behind these stories who are experiencing such disabilities on a daily basis. I hope this picture can capture some of that. Thanks, B"

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Calentfios is a visual chronicle of street life. Shot mostly in black and white, the images showcase observations from the everyday zooming in on banal details and objects along with portraits.


Desmon Déjà vu

Desmond T’s minimalist photographs showcase landscapes and people. Often placing a single person in a wide frame and playing with a sense of scale – the images capture quiet moments experienced amidst the hustle bustle of a mega city.

our paths that crossed. #strideby

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out of place. #rsa_minimal

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fighting to be queen. #rsa_minimal

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This account artistically chronicles architectural spaces and moments from the everyday. Artisan’s use of framing, light and shadow to juxtapose architecture, and nature is particularly impressive.

?Block169 #shadowplay

A post shared by UD Aristan (@aristan89) on

Architecture and Nature #Singap?re . . . @lensculture #lensculturetalent

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Long shadow ? #caughtgramming #Singap?re

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Nguan’s minimal – washed out images are like paintings in pastel colours. The award winning photographer’s work chronicles buildings, public spaces and people that all together tell a unique story of life in Singapore.  This quote from his website explains his exploration.

“Children draw houses unpredictably as they draw faces. No matter where they live they all draw the same house..” – Stewart Brand  

A post shared by Nguan (@_nguan_) on

A post shared by Nguan (@_nguan_) on

A post shared by Nguan (@_nguan_) on


Red Washed

Red Washed brings forth the lived experience of Singapore through images of places, people and culture. The feed includes photographs of friends, quirky details or artistic frames, all adding a personal touch to the story.

Words to live by ?

A post shared by Mathieu Beth Tan (@redwashed) on

streets along Wuxi

A post shared by Mathieu Beth Tan (@redwashed) on

Waking up to dreams ☀️

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Dione Goh

Dione Goh presents an interesting picture of Singapore, mostly photographing water bodies. Swimming pools, sea and ponds from this largely ‘blue feed’ make a refreshing sight in the middle of a workday.

Hello from the outside, ??? #rwsinstameet

A post shared by Dione Goh (@dee.yawn) on



The photographs zoom in on food, flowers and the beauty of everyday interspersed with images of spaces and cafés. Carefully maintaining subtle colour tones, the feed is a visual delight.



One of the most popular accounts on this list, Explore Singapore feeds on contributions by Instagrammers that showcase vibrant situations and spaces. It features picture perfect travel photos, street life, portraits and incredible landscapes. The account regularly hosts contests and events for its followers.

[#TodayWeExploreSG]! Yay to more exploring this weekend! . #ExploreSingapore

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It’s time for you to decide on your favourite Photo of the Month! As with every month, the winners will be getting a full A4-sized Canon PIXMA MG7770 photo printout of any of your photo, sponsored by @canonsingapore. . We will be awarding the prizes to the photo with the most votes as well as a randomly picked voter. . Here are the people who have had their picture featured by us in September: . A @justcallmerus B @joshyxavy C @ryanmamba D @icymenace E @myrulee F @teemu.jpeg G @superbficial H @robintien723 I @gohshaokai . Choose one photo from the collage above that you think deserves the title of "Photo of the Month – September” and state your choice (the corresponding letter in UPPERCASE) in the comments below. Remember to only vote once! . If your picture is among those for the picking, go ahead and tell your friends to vote for your picture! . We will close the voting on Saturday 10pm, and announce the winners on Sunday. . #exploresingapore #exsg_september2016

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Darren Soh

Follow Darren Soh for stunning landscape and architectural images of Singapore. His long exposures playing with light forms present interesting images of Singapore by night.

Think we have missed something interesting? Share your favourite images of Singapore in comments below!


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