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The Affiliate Program is a marketing initiative to enable influencers & e-commerce sites from all over Singapore to join our
community and help us spread the joy of preserved memories!

On signing up, you’ll be directed to your own unique coupon code/referral link.
Share & spread the word to earn a minimum commission of 10% on every purchase made using your code/link!

Program Benefits

A minimum commission on purchases:

Earn a minimum of 10% on every purchase made using your special code/link

Simple process

Follow an easy three step process and you’re all set to earn your commission.

A unique coupon/link

We create a customized coupon or referral link, designed for you to share

Exclusive offers

As an affiliate you will receive special offers for your use only!

We welcome anyone

Influencers, social media enthusiasts and e-commerce sites from anywhere in Singapore are welcome to join

Quick & timely updates

Shared reports for you to track purchases made through your unique code/link

Priority Customer care

Got questions? Concerns? Our dedicated team is always here to help you

We welcome insight

Think you can do better with a different product? We are always open to feedback.

How it works

Step 1:

Sign up

Fill in a few basic details on our sign up page

Step 2:


Use your received link to access your
exclusive coupon code/referral link

Step 3:


Share the coupon/link with friends &
followers. Earn revenue on every purchase!

Earn now


Q. How many days/months will the revenue share generate?

A. Revenue share will be between 2-6 months

Q. What is the payment days for the Revenue share?

A. Revenue share report will be sent every month and payment will
be done within 10 days from the report.

Q. How do I track the redemption?

A. We will schedule a report to your email ID.

Q. What platforms can I share the promotions/coupon/link?

A. You are free to share on all social Platforms towards your
followers/friends/clients like Facebook, Instagram, Blog-site, WhatsApp, Twitter Etc.

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