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Customized Magnets Online for You

Make your loved ones feel special by gifting them gorgeous photo magnets. Best in Singapore, this set of photo magnets will make your captures memorable.

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You will get a 1mm thick magnet with rounded corners. The printed photo magnets are made in matte finish available in different mini sizes.

Turn great moments into photo magnets with a quick upload

Photo Magnets available in Singapore

To make the photo magnet's prints more special, we are now available on all social media platforms. You have to link your accounts and select your photos. Leave the rest to us!

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Top-notch print quality and prints

best quality of Photo magnets

We provide smudge-free photo prints in matt finish. The durable magnets come with a 1mm thickness. The even and rounded corners make the fringe magnet more sophisticated and elegant.

Experience true joy

latest photo magnets in Singapore

Fill your life with joyous moments. Help us hold on to your every moment with personalized photo magnets. These magnets are perfect for your fridge, your locker, or office cabinets. Make every day special by finding them all around you.

3 step ordering process

customized photo magnets online

Enjoy a cakewalk step in ordering your favorite photo magnets. Select your favorite captures. Upload them either on our website or Android app. We will deliver it in no time.

Product Details
  • 1 mm thick magnet, rounded corners.
  • 2.375 x 2.375 & 3.5 x 3.5 ,4x5.8 inches.
  • Matte finish.
  • All sizes are in Inches.
  • Prices exclusive of Shipping.

The estimated time to deliver your order from our facility to your destination address is as follows:

  • Within 5-11 days.

Note: Number of days refers to business days and estimate only.

Photo Magnets 2.3x2.319.00
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.354.00(each)
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3103.00(each)
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3252.50(each)
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5111.00
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.555.00(each)
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5104.00(each)
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5253.00(each)
Photo Magnets 4x6112.00
Photo Magnets 4x656.00(each)
Photo Magnets 4x6105.00(each)
Photo Magnets 4x6253.50(each)

Shipping Charges

SizeQuantityPriceAdditional QuantityPrice
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.354.9012.00
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3104.9012.00
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3254.9012.00
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.554.9012.00
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5104.9012.00
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5254.9012.00
Photo Magnets 4x654.9012.00
Photo Magnets 4x6104.9012.00
Photo Magnets 4x6254.9012.00

* All Prices are in Singapore $

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