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Want to print photo magnets online for fast delivery. Photo magnets made in Singapore? We’ve got you covered. Create magnets for fridge to relive childhood memories or show off your amazing travel photography skills through photo magnet frames. And if you’re looking for a sure-shot way to get noticed, simply turn your brand logo and inspiring quotes into fridge magnets that are custom made and create photo magnets frames on your fridge!

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  • 1 mm thick magnet, rounded corners.
  • 2.3 x 2.3 & 3.5 x 3.5 inches.
  • Matte finish.
  • All sizes are in Inches.
  • Prices exclusive of shipping.

Photo Magnets 2.3x2.354.00(each)
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3103.00(each)
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3252.50(each)
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.555.00(each)
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5104.00(each)
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5253.00(each)

Shipping Charges
SizeQuantityPriceAdditional QuantityPrice
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.355.0012.00
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3105.0012.00
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3255.0012.00
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.555.0012.00
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5105.0012.00
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5255.0012.00
* All Prices are in Singapore $

The estimated time to deliver your order from our facility to your destination address is as follows:

  • Within 5-11 days.
Note: Number of days refers to business days and estimate only.

Expert Tip

Use photos which are already in square ratio or crop the photos beforehand. If your photos are in landscape or portrait format, try to choose photos where the subject(s) are right in the middle of the photo to avoid oddly cropped images. Send these as thank you gifts to your wedding guests, or send as a surprise to your clients.

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