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Photo Magnets

Photo Magnets


Make gorgeous photo magnets from your favourite photos. With rounded corners, these magnets are perfect for displaying your everyday moments and for gifting to your special ones. You can stick them to the fridge, school locker, file cabinet, or any metal surface. Showcase your travel, wedding memories, baby’s special moments, or year in review. Display a new collection of magnets as often as you like. The more you make, the more you save.

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  • 1 mm thick magnet, rounded corners.
  • 2.3 x 2.3 & 3.5 x 3.5 inches.
  • Matte finish.
  • All sizes are in Inches.
  • Prices exclusive of shipping.

Photo Magnets 2.3x2.319.00
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3Pack of 53.60(each)
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3Pack of 103.00(each)
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3Pack of 252.52(each)
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5114.00
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5Pack of 55.00(each)
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5Pack of 104.00(each)
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5Pack of 253.00(each)

Shipping Charges
SizeQuantityPriceAdditional QuantityPrice
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.357.0057.00
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3107.00107.00
Photo Magnets 2.3x2.3257.00257.00
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.557.0057.00
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5107.00107.00
Photo Magnets 3.5x3.5257.00257.00
* All Prices are in Singapore $

The estimated time to deliver your order from our facility to your destination address is as follows:

  • Within 5-11 days.
Note: Number of days refers to business days and estimate only.

Expert Tip

Use photos which are already in square ratio or crop the photos beforehand. If your photos are in landscape or portrait format, try to choose photos where the subject(s) are right in the middle of the photo to avoid oddly cropped images. Send these as thank you gifts to your wedding guests, or send as a surprise to your clients.

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