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Learn Photography – Language no bar

These regional language tutorials on Youtube take our attention to the new developments in Photography.

These are exciting times for Indian photography. As more people get access to cameras and technology, the world of photography has expanded. It is no more the exclusive domain of professionals or those who can afford expensive cameras. We found several Youtube tutorials in regional languages that bring to our notice, the emergence of a serious enthusiast photography culture.

Available in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, the popularity of these videos clearly indicate how aspiring photographers are eager to learn the know-how of the medium. Be it composition, lighting or post production aspects. There may be cultural or linguistic differences but the love for photography will surely break some barriers.

Don’t miss – instrumental tutorial on trick photography at the end!


Teacher Ranjit Singh throws light on the essentials of photography through his channel Punjabi Photography. A minute into the video he asks his audience “Photography hai ki ?” (what is photography?) This got us thinking too.

Follow up with Amar Gholia’s tutorial on Photoshop. In this video, Gholia teaches us how to enhance a grooms face in photoshop.


Channel Tamil Photography offers tutorials on technical aspects of of shooting with DSLR cameras. Learn to operate camera modes in this video.

Follow it up with this lesson on how to remove hair in photoshop


Teacher Atif Khan meets his virtual audience to discuss snapshots versus thought out compositions.

Tamur Pardesi in this video demonstrates ‘how to clean face in photoshop’.


In this video the young tutor of channel Don Key Business makes a case for sensitivity and creativity being more important than the equipment we use.

Channel Bangadeshism in this tutorial takes on common questions about DSLRs and Photography


This family of photography lovers teach us tricks in the book without speaking a word. Like a good photo, a good video tutorial can convey more than a thousand words.


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