Pro A Guide to Minimalist Photography

A Guide to Minimalist Photography

We ran a Minimalist Photography Contest on Instagram and received over 800 amazing entries! We are thankful to all the participants for contributing their images. The contest has helped us see how Indian Instagrammers interpret the emerging photography trend of ‘minimalism’.


With this inspiration, we present a guide to Minimalist Photography. For those new to the concept, minimalist photography deals with creating impactful and visually soothing images by using fewer elements in the frame. It is the art of finding the joy of simple things and saying more with less. Minimalist photography is marked with key attributes of minimalism – simplicity, abstraction and paring down elements.


Play with Scale

Creating a sense of scale is an important aspect of minimalist photography. Highlight the relative scale of the subject and background. Shooting wide frames with small elements for example creates a stark and intriguing effect.




Find Geometry

Lines and patterns are great subjects for minimalist photography. Lines in a picture can help create symmetry and depict depth. Patterns can be used to create abstract images. Compose your frame around simple geometric patterns or seek recurring patterns. Look out for buildings, bridges, staircases, furniture or streetlights to find the geometry around you.


Can't study anymore. I'm too… Board. ??

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Zebra'ed #photojaanicminimal

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Make a pun on Amitabh Bachchan's childhood and call it Amitabh Bachpun

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God’s in the Details

Zoom in on the details. Excluding the unnecessary from the frame strengthens the point of interest. Capture interesting details of ordinary things from the everyday to tell a story that may otherwise be ignored. 




Use a White Background

Eliminate background distractions to keep the viewer’s attention focussed on a key subject. A bit like product photography, use a white background to highlight one element.


Lil Dora and her monkey

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Photograph Architecture

Architecture makes great subject for Minimalist Photography. Play with form, colours and composition to create unique perspectives.


* * . You and Me . (#navimumbai) . *

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Tru Blue #photojaanicminimal

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Don’t Reveal the Full Story

Break the rules. Oddly crop a body part, building or object to create an unusual frame. Use abstraction to tell the story while keeping the mystery. What is not in the photo shall still intrigue. 


Bow wow! Shadow figure sessions #khachaak Home, Andheri, Bombay. September 19, 2016.

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Go Monochromatic

Do away with bright colours. Create stark yet simple black and white images that stand out amongst vibrant colours.


#bird #onthewire #sky #clouds #lookup #effectofattendinganartfair

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* * Mind The Minimal . . (#LineMeetsCorner) . *

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Shoot against Clear Sky

Use sky as negative space. Isolating a bird or a plane against vast blue sky is a popular minimalist image. Or use part of a building against clear sky to create minimalistic effect.


* * . Monday Blues . *

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Simplicity is the Key

Last but not the least, create a calming viewing experience. Simplicity is core to minimalism. It is the art of uncomplicating the story. The image should convey this simplicity.




The Winners

The contest was judged by minimalist photographer and tutor Prakash Ghai from Learn Minimalism. Photojaanic does not interfere in the decision making process. We left the difficult task for the judge but are pleased to present the three winners.



Do share your ideas (as comments below) to contribute to this discussion on Minimalist Photography!



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