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Custom Leather Photo Book

Price from $ $ 0.4

The premium leather photobook is a keepsake, that you'll create not just for yourself, but for your children and grandchildren to relish the joy you experienced on your big day. Ideal for weddings, biographies, silver jubilees and other important events. Each leather album is handcrafted with faux leather and is designed to be long lasting. Available in tan, maroon and black leather cover options, the cameo window design allows you to personalize the cover with your own gold colour text and photograph. To make it even more long-lasting, you can choose a matching leather presentation box to protect your album.

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Layflat Binding

With Layflat binding photographs can be spread across two pages without a disruptive seam.

Online Sharing

Share your wedding memories with friends and family anywhere. Photobooks ordered on Photojaanic come with a complimentary online photo album that can be shared on email and social media.

Lid Box

Personalized Lid Box cases are a simple yet durable way to protect photobooks. Lid boxes come with a detachable cover that can be personalized with text.

Standard delivery in 5-11 days

Product Details
  • Available in Premium Art paper
  • Choose from Matte, velvet and gloss finish options
  • Choose from Matte, velvet and gloss finish options
  • Book starts with 10 sheets (20 pages) for 6x7.5.
  • Book starts with 20 sheets (40 pages) for 12x12 & 12x15.
  • Photobooks with sizes 6 x 7.5, 12 x 12 and 12 x 15 can include upto 140 pages.
  • Share your photo album online with friends & family
  • All sizes are in Inches.
  • Prices exclusive of Shipping.

The estimated time to deliver your order from our facility to your destination address is as follows:

  • Within 5-11 days.

Note: Number of days refers to business days and estimate only.

Book SizePaperPricePrice for Additional
6x7.5Premium Art49.001.70
12x12Premium Art149.004.80
12x15Premium Art159.004.80
* For 6x7.5, Base Price is for 20 Pages & Additional Price for 2 Pages
* For 12x12, 12x15 Base Price is for 20 Pages & Additional Price for 2 Pages

Shipping Charges

SizeQuantityPriceAdditional QuantityPrice
6x7.5 Personalized Leather Mini Photobook18.9013.50
12 x 12 Personalized Leather Photobook18.9017.00
12x15 Personalized Leather Photobook18.9017.00
* All Prices are in Singapore $

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