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10 Inspiring Photographers to Follow

For this World Photography Day, we thought we’d celebrate it with you by sharing our favourite photographers based in Singapore and surrounding areas, whose amazing photos continue to inspire us. Hopefully, the work of these photographers can encourage and motivate you to go out, explore, and create creative and unique imagery.

Couple and Wedding

Love by July

The style of Love by July is all about simplicity. There’s no over-the-top shots and portraiture, but rather, intimate moments and glances between couples that are captured stunningly in the shots. All these clean, simple shots are made even more compelling by the brilliant use of natural lighting, which adds to the romantic and soft look of the imagery. Photographs by Love by July have been featured on various websites and printed magazines, such as Singapore Brides, Her World Brides, and Bridestory.

The kind of love that spreads like wildfire #annabelxlovebyjuly

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Bloc Memoire Photography

Bloc Memoire Photography started with husband and wife, Guan Hui and Silvia, with a recent addition to the team, Wisanto. About their style, Bloc Memoire states that they’d like to ‘keep things real and relaxed’, which shows in their images. All Bloc Memoire’s photos look effortlessly stunning and elegant, and they seem to have the magic of turning mundane scenes into beautiful and intimate imagery. From a simple pre-wedding session inside the house or a walk in the park, they always manage to deliver the stories of the couple through the set of photographs.

Their wedding photos are nothing less than impressive, too. Be it elopement, solemnisation, or reception, Bloc Memoire captures all the moments and emotions, the obvious and quiet ones. When it comes to storytelling, they ace it.

So damn grateful for this sunset, the view and these two!

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Glowing Iris Photography

Most photographers go for the romantic style for couple or wedding shots, but only a few sneak the quirk into the photos. Glowing Iris Photography is one of the few who balances both romance and fun, and as a result, their photos never fail to bring smiles to anyone who sees them. Looking through the images, you can feel the love between the couple, and also the fun and spirit in the joyous occasions. Glowing Iris Photography is originally based in Singapore (as you can see from the photos, where Singapore skyline and landscapes often make an appearance), but Nasz Ismail – the man behind this – also travels to other countries to shoot weddings.

Hello Jane Lee

Hello Jane Lee is originally based in Malaysia, but through her hard work over the years, her photography business has taken Jane – the woman behind Hello Jane Lee – all around the world. From the neighboring countries like Singapore and Indonesia, to places further afield like Scotland, Japan, and Australia, Jane has proved that distance is not a hindrance when it comes to work. Her photographs are natural, telling sincere stories of the couples and capturing candid moments beautifully. In addition to her amazing skill of delivering stories through her photos, Jane is also incredibly artsy. All her clients get the pleasure of receiving their photos in unique and beautiful packaging, all handmade and created by Jane herself. As a testament to her incredible work, Hello Jane Lee has been featured in many renowned websites, such as Bridestory, The Wedding Scoop, Bride and Breakfast, and Junebug Wedding, to name a few.

"You with tenderness, me with exploding passion. Together we stir." #hellojanelee

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Maternity, Newborn, and Family

Bows and Ribbons Photography

If you’re after rustic and vintage style for your newborn photos, Bows and Ribbons Photography might be the perfect suit for you. To create natural photos with soft look, Tim and Yuyeth – the couple behind Bows and Ribbons Photography – make the most of natural light, and custom props such as backdrops and accessories. As the session is done in either the home studio or the client’s home, there’s a certain homey and comforting feels that’s become the style and trademark of Bows and Ribbons Photography, which is very much reflected in the images.

“Born together, friends forever.” – Anonymous

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A lovely mommy and baby moment. We first met little Calista when she was just 8 days new, and here she is at six months! ?

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Jen Pan Photography

Jen and Ray, the couple behind Jen Pan Photography, fell in love with photography when they started taking photos of their kids, and that’s the beginning of Jen Pan Photography. Being parents themselves,  Jen and Ray understand how difficult it can be to take pictures of kids, so they fully embrace the unexpected things when working with the little ones, going with the flow and capturing the unstaged moments. And it all shows in the results, where every image is pure and natural. These qualities don’t make the photos any less gorgeous. If anything, it’s the simplicity that make the photos all the more interesting, as you can see from the sincere expressions and interactions of the kids and families.

BABY Like Art

If there’s anything BABY Like Art does well, it’s creating imaginative themes and shots for newborn photos. From matryoshka dolls to athletes, the ideas behind these photos are inspiring. The combination of creative styling, charming poses, and flawless post-processing makes their photos stand out more from the crowd. If you’re looking for fun and imaginative ideas to shoot your newborn, you will get a lot from here.

Lifestyle and Travel

Chrystal Lym

Chrystal Lym’s photos look like they come out of a utopian book, whimsical and moody with a degree of realness attached to it. The photos she takes are the things we’d also shoot in our travel, but with a twist, she manages to make them all look like they were taken in a fantasy world (in the best possible way). Scrolling through her feed is like flicking through an illustrated book, very pleasing and inspiring.

Jovin Yong

Jovin Yong’s images are all about architecture and geometry, with strong lines and high contrast. The results are sharp images, mostly with muted colours, but sometimes you’ll find a splash of bright colours on his feed. Through his feed, you’ll experience Singapore (and other parts of the world as well) from a different point of view.

It's back!

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Lagoon. #thecanopi

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Jeryl Tan

Jeryl is a commercial and editorial photographer, but his photographs are not limited to those areas. Thanks to his love of travel, he also has a penchant for architectures, landscapes, and nature, and as his photos have proved, he’s exceptionally good at it. His strength in playing with composition and symmetry has become his trademark, but it is his take on unique angle and perspective that takes his imagery to the next level.

Do you know any other inspiring photographers we should follow? Let us know in the comments below!

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