7 Super-Easy Scrapbook Ideas You Can Start Now

In recent years, scrapbooks have become popular again, and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s where you can go all out with your creativity, and not just that, you get a keepsake full of precious memories at the end. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your work turn into something beautiful. Whether you make it for yourself or for your loved one as a gift, the process of making a scrapbook will be fun, guaranteed.

Easy Scrapbook Ideas for Beginners

But where to start?

The best way is to start with the photos you already have on your phone or laptop, and to help you, here are 7 scrapbook ideas to kickstart your project!

1. Travel scrapbook

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Image source: Pinterest

A travel scrapbook is a great place to start, as you’re most likely to take tons of photos during your holidays. From the stunning views and architecture you saw, delicious traditional dishes you tasted, to unique little things you discovered during your travel, it’s always worth writing things down so you won’t forget these experiences and the stories of your travel.

If you need a few tips on capturing great holiday shots, check out our tips for landscape photography and how to take pro-quality photos with just a smartphone camera.

Tip: add the little things from your travel to make it more fun. Postcards, train tickets, or even scraps of restaurant bill can be keepsakes, great additions to your scrapbook.

2. Couple scrapbook

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Image source: Pinterest

Every couple’s story is unique, and their journey is always worth to be written down and remembered. From the first meeting, the first date, first holiday, up to the point of where you are now, it’s always nice to look back at every milestone and see how far you’ve come. Write down your memories along with each photo, and see how you have both grown together as a couple. This will be perfect for either a keepsake or a gift to your loved one.

Tip: include the keepsakes you’ve collected through the years, from movie stubs, handwritten notes, cards, and personal things that mean something for both of you.

3. Wedding scrapbook

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Image source: Studio Calico

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, and of course, you’d want to keep the details of the day (and even the preparation) in your memory.

While a wedding album is great for wedding photos, a wedding scrapbook is where you keep everything else. Wedding invitations, programs, place cards, ribbons, dried flowers, fabrics, confetti, napkins, everything goes. You’ve spent months planning for the big day, and you’d want to save things from the day as keepsakes.

If you’re still planning your wedding, why not check out these retro print ideas for wedding props?

4. Pregnancy scrapbook

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Image source: Pinterest

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, and it can be hard for expecting mothers to keep up and remember the little things that happen throughout the whole 9 months.

The key is to take lots of pictures and write everything that you experience, from cravings, the first time the baby kicks, and the ups and downs of the journey. Ultrasound pictures, week-by-week bump pictures, baby shower photos, and bits and bobs from the nursery decoration can be included in the pregnancy scrapbook.

Further down the line, it will be fun to see how the bump grows and your preparation in welcoming the baby.

Tip: Document your pregnancy diligently, through photos and writing. Entering the third trimester, it would be worth it to have a maternity session with a professional photographer (check out the tips for beautiful maternity photography).

5. Family scrapbook

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Image source: A Beautiful Mess

Family scrapbooks are probably the most popular kind out there. It’s a great way to collect family memories and write little anecdotes that could make them smile. It’s also a fun project to do with older kids to fill up their free time or summer holiday.

But what can you put into family scrapbooks? Plenty! A few ideas:

  • Milestones: the first day of school, moving to a new house, baby’s first steps, anything goes.
  • Special occasions: birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, etc.
  • Everyday moments: goofy selfies, snippets of funny conversations, a snap of your baby who finally sleeps after an hour of crying, or kids’ projects around the house, these little moments matter.

Tip: Everyday moments are just as precious as special occasions. While special occasions are easier to remember and perhaps documented more often, little moments in our daily lives tend to be forgotten after a few weeks, or even days. So make more effort to capture these, and put them in the scrapbook!

6. Friendship scrapbook

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Image source: Wen Yea

We share many things with good friends: adventures, secrets, and maybe dreams and ambitions for the future. Good friends are always there for us through thick and thin, and through the years, you keep making memories.

Collect the photos and jot down the memories before you forget it! Make it more fun by doing it together with your friend, while reminiscing those good ol’ times.

If you don’t know where to start, you can check these scrapbooking tips for beginners.

7. Christmas scrapbook

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Image source: Simple Stories

Christmas is coming, and why not start making a Christmas scrapbook? Whether you want to fill it with Christmas memories throughout the years, or you want to make one each year, it’s entirely up to you. It’s perfect to capture your family traditions and the joy of the holiday.

Start creating the scrapbook before Christmas, when you’re putting up the Christmas tree, prepping the house with Christmas decorations, or cooking for the big feast. Include your family Christmas cards in there, along with photos from the day, from the excitement when opening the presents, down to the details of the meal.

Tip: Other ideas for a Christmas scrapbook include the recipe of family’s favorite Christmas meal, kids’ letters to Santa, or family photos with matching Christmas jumpers. Decorate your scrapbook with scraps of tinsel and a sprinkle of glitter to make it more festive.

Scrapbooks wouldn’t be complete without photo prints on the pages. We’d love to help you print your photos and start creating a scrapbook to keep what matters, so check out the Photojaanic website to print your photos and get started.

Happy scrapbooking!

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