7 Creative Christmas Card Photo Ideas for Families and Couples

Christmas is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to get started on Christmas cards! Photo cards have gotten more popular recently, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s more personal and unique, and it’s the perfect opportunity to have a photo session with your family, or use your favourite photos that haven’t had the chance to be printed.

But what kind of photos would make good Christmas cards? You don’t need to stress over getting perfectly posed images of the family, sometimes simplicity and imperfection are what makes a photo remarkable. And with a little twist, even a simple photo can be used to create extraordinary Christmas cards.

We’ve got some creative Christmas card photo ideas that you can do yourself, even with a phone camera at your home. No more hassle for Christmas cards!

1. Prop up for the occasion

Christmas Card Ideas - Photojaanic 11

Okay, we don’t mean you have to wear matching sweaters, but you can bring the festivity to your cards with some Christmas paraphernalia. This is one of many family Christmas photo ideas where you can be unique while also having fun!

Wear a Santa’s hat, antlers headband, reindeer nose, or bring in bits and pieces of Christmas decorations to the frame. A wreath, tinsel, garland, and ornaments would instantly make your photos look all festive and Christmassy!

2. Use a bright-coloured wall for background

Christmas Card Ideas - Photojaanic 9

If you’re looking for something that could make your Christmas cards stand out among the others, the easiest solution is to get a bright-coloured wall for your photo background. The great thing about this is, you can take the most simple and effortless photos, and they will still look amazing and fun. These cards will be the ones that immediately catch people’s attention, guaranteed.

You can check out these creative family photo ideas to help you get started.

3. Write it down, or spell it out

Christmas Card Ideas - Photojaanic 5Image credit: A Bryan Photo via Pinterest

This one is another easy solution if you want simple photos that still say Christmas (quite literally). Simply bring out a chalkboard or prepare a garland with the message, and you’re all set! Even if you wear a simple outfit like T-shirt and jeans, these words in the frame are enough to bring the holiday spirit.

4. Bring out the fairy lights

Christmas Card Ideas - Photojaanic 2Image credit: Alison Schuurman via Pinterest

Even the most ordinary photo can look merry when there’s a string of fairy lights involved. The fun, warm ambience, and Christmas vibe are strong with fairy lights. Hang it on the wall, around the the Christmas tree, or let the kids play and have fun with them!

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5. Make a collage

Christmas Card Ideas - Photojaanic 1Image credit: Katie Martin via Behance

Many of us take photos every day, and we often have a hard time choosing the one that makes the cut at the end (they’re all so good!). Well, how about picking a few of your favourite photos and making them into a collage? The more the merrier! For this, it’s best to have a plain background for each photo to avoid your card looking cluttered.

6. Dig your gallery for old photos

Christmas Card Ideas - Photojaanic 6Image credit: Lauren McBride

End of year can be quite hectic, and if you’re too busy to arrange a photo session for this, you can use the photos you already have within the past year. Have a scroll through your photos and choose your favourite one. Maybe this year there’s a new addition to your family, or you had an amazing holiday, or maybe there are shots of little moments that are truly heartwarming. Even photos from everyday life can be a true gem for your Christmas cards. 

7. It doesn’t have to be you on the card

Christmas Card Ideas - Photojaanic 8Image via Pinterest

If you’re not comfortable to have your face on Christmas cards, you can still create Christmas cards with the photo you take. Instead of you in the picture, get creative with Christmas decorations or flatlays. Or if you have pets, you can give them the chance to shine this holiday. You can check out these pet and dog Christmas card photo ideas.

Christmas Card Photo Tips

Now that you get the idea(s), you can start preparing your own personalised Christmas cards! But before you go, here are a few tips to make sure your photo Christmas cards turn out well:

  • Keep it simple
  • Choose uncluttered background
  • Add a touch of colour or some Christmas decorations to a plain photo to make it more eye-catching
  • If you want to add text in the photo (for example, ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holiday’), remember to keep negative space in your photo
  • Set aside plenty of time to order your customised cards and send them to your loved ones, so they will receive it in time for Christmas.

Are you ready to create your Christmas cards? We’d love to help you! Check out our Christmas cards selection, choose your preferred template and theme, and we’ll deliver it right to your doorstep.

Let the festive season begin!

Last updated September 11 2018.

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