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INSPIRING FILMS ABOUT WOMEN IN PHOTOGRAPHY All aspiring photographers must watch


Here are three films about women photographers that all aspiring photographers must watch. Filmed in different settings and time, these films take us through the journey of women who break norms and stereotypes to find their voice through the lens. The films showcase their artistic pursuits, personal struggles and social concerns, and how photography empowers and enriches their lives.        


Dir: Jan Troell / Year: 2008 / Sweden

Set in a time of war and unrest, Maria, a Swedish working-class housewife wins a camera in a wartime raffle lottery. Initially reluctant to use it, Maria eventually picks up her camera. This decision alters her life. She starts taking beautiful images of the world around her that catches the attention of a photography studio owner, who recognizes Maria’s eye for beauty and photography. Though her domestic and financial difficulties continue, Maria through her camera gains an empowering perspective.  


Dir: John Maloof and Charlie Siskel / Year: 2013 / USA

Finding Vivian Maier is an intriguing American documentary about Vivian Maier, a professional nanny who left behind 100,000 photographs taken by her, hidden in storage lockers. It was only decades later that her massive body of work (consisting mostly of street photography and portraits) was discovered. The film through a series of interviews traces the life of Vivian Maier and her secret art.

Film Website See Vivian’s amazing work here 


Dir: Sabeena Gadihoke / Year: 1998 / India

The film is a portrait of three women photographers; India’s first woman photojournalist Homai Vyarwalla (who was in her eighties when the film was made), artists Dayanita Singh and Sheba Chhachhi. Through these three point of views, the film explores the complexities and shifts regarding subject-camera relationships and possibilities in photography.

The filmmaker went on to write a book about the extraordinary life of Homai Vyarwalla. The film is currently not available online. Write to the filmmaker to get a copy of the film: 

Here is an interview with the filmaker and Homai Vyarwalla


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