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Easy steps to develop your creative skills by creating your first photobook

What is creativity and why is it important

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First, congratulations for taking this wonderful decision. You understood that creativity is not something you are born with but something that you can nurture and develop. The same goes for cooking or photography. Anyone can learn these skills through learning and practice.

For some people, creativity is simply the ability to find new ways to solving existing problems. So for any problem you will encounter, you will see it as an opportunity for an expression of creativity. This way, the glass is always half-full rather than half empty. Developing your creative skills can only bring more well-being to your life. So why not start by creating a photobook either for your wedding or your baby’s first steps?

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Four simple steps to develop your creativity

Now, let’s see how you can quickly boost your creativity. Don’t over think or try too hard. Simply start with small steps:

Be more confident in yourself

Creativity is the expression of your inner self. To MAKE it happen, you must LET it happen. Don’t be shy, or scared and hide what’s inside you. To let your creative juices flow, first learn to embrace yourself, let go negative self-judgement and then express your creative self. Remember that you have to develop your creative skills for yourself first.

For instance, your wedding photobook does not have to be perfect. As long as you put in the effort to DIY rather just hiring a photographer to do it for you, it is much more meaningful, beautiful and romantic.


Make time for creativity

Developing one’s creativity takes time. Spend some alone time with your own thoughts. How do you perceive the world? What are the values you believe in? The pace of life in the lion city can go by pretty fast at a crazy rate. Have one or two children and you won’t even be able to see time fly. That’s why you need to be organized and set some time for yourself.

This could be done through activities, like running. If you like running, try running without listening to music. Or, you could try not using your mobile phone until you finish your breakfast. As much as using new technology and social media can be a great way to kill time, by disconnecting yourself from distractions just briefly in the morning, it will give space to more self-awareness and reflections.

P3-nurturing inspiration

Find inspiration

I mentioned earlier that you should express your inner self. So while creativity is about creating something new, you also need to feed your inner self with new elements.

Try something new every week. Whether it’s cooking a new recipe, learning a language, reading a different source of information or simply going to a new place you have never been before, by doing things you have never done before, you will start getting new perspectives and way of thinking. For instance, why not try printing a photobook with all your childhood favorite dishes? Shoot the photos first then write down the recipes. Your mother used to cook these dishes for you. Now, you will cook them for your own children.  It’s the same content but with two different points of view. Plus, it would be a lovely photobook gift for your mother.


Become an expert

Many art and cultural movements were oppositions to dominating movements and ideals of their time. But to claim you can do things better, you first need to learn how to do things like everyone is currently doing. In other words, you need to learn the codes before breaking them. Creativity comes when you are able to break complex concepts into simple ones then rebuild new complex concepts.

For example, if you want to get into photography, read about the most famous photographers, follow Instagram accounts of artists you like, learn the different types of techniques being used and the trends in the domain. By doing so, you gain a broad perspective of what is available. Get inspiration from things you like. Create the things that are missing and you believe bring value. The way you process information and then execute it is what makes your work unique. There are many ways to customize your photobook online with photojaanic. Try customizing the storyline, using new materials for the covers or adding personal comments on each page.

As you see, it doesn’t require much time or money to develop your creativity. Plus, it’s very fun. So why don’t you start now by printing your first photobook?

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