Travel Photos How to take good vacation photos

How to take good vacation photos

Holidays are around the corner. You must have already started planning your vacation. You may be visiting the most beautiful places, having a time of your life with your family and friends, having best of food or living an adventure that you always dreamt of, but at the end of the vacation when you have to return home, all that you carry with you are memories. Hence, the photos you take on your vacation are very important. Here are some tips to help you click good vacation photos.

1. You don’t always need to pose: Click natural shots. For e.g. kids playing in sand or building sand castles. Pictures clicked when people are in action helps you capture natural expressions.

2. Capture the places you visit: While visiting any historic location, parks, zoo or theme parks etc. try to include the important monuments or things from the place in your pictures. So even when you come back from the vacation you will have memories of the places visited.

3. Shoot your stay: Capture your hotel room or guest house where you will be staying. If you are staying with your relatives, click pictures with them. They will be happy to be part of your vacation memories.

4. Click the food: Capture the food you enjoyed on your vacation in your camera. Perhaps at the hotel or at friend’s or relative’s place. Or the specialty or native dish of the place you visited.

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5. Take as many pictures as you can: Taking many photos help you select the best ones later. If any picture is not taken properly and you have two- three more shots, it becomes an advantage.

6. Set a vacation theme: Set a theme for your vacation to make it fun. For e.g.:

  • ‘Tara’s first vacation’- If you are traveling for the first time with your baby girl or boy. Name the vacation theme after them. Capture photos keeping them as center of attention. Let your photos speak your kid’s vacation story.

  • ‘Love escape’ – If it is your first vacation with your spouse after your wedding, give it a romantic theme. Click happy romantic pictures. Turn your vacation photos into a fairytale.

  • ‘Europe unlimited’- Say you are planning to visit Europe on your vacation. You can capture the well known landmarks, the people of Europe, the culture and the lifestyle in you photos. You can dress in their traditional outfit and click your photo.

7. Go prepared: Remember to carry your:: camera charger, memory cards and extra battery. If you really are keen to do a proper travel shoot you can also carry a tripod along with you.

8. Make a travel book: Make a travel photobook of the pictures you clicked on the vacation. Design the photobook based on your vacation theme.

You can use softcover books available on Photojaanic to make a travel book.

Do feel free to share with us any other tips you have to click amazing photos on the vacation.

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