8 Quick and Easy Diwali Decoration Ideas

Diwali is right around the corner, and this festive occasion calls for beautiful decorations. Getting closer to the day, you’ll see many decorations sold everywhere, but why not do DIY decor projects? It doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. In fact, there are a lot of quick and simple decorations you can create in under an hour.

For your inspiration, we’ve compiled 8 easy and affordable Diwali decoration ideas for home, office, or school that you can use to celebrate Diwali.

1. Paper cup garland

diwali decoration ideas 9Image source: Adventures of A Middle Sister

If there’s a Diwali decor piece that’s ever present, it’s a paper cup garland. After Diwali ends, you can let it hang for longer, if not for all year round! For this, it’s recommended to use LED lights instead of fairly lights, as fairly lights can get hot pretty quickly and present a fire hazard with the paper.

Now, onto the making! Wrap your paper cups with various decorative papers of your choice. Once it’s done, make an X mark on the bottom of the cups, and cut it with a knife. This will be the hole where your light bulbs poke through, so keep it small to prevent the paper cups from slipping off. Slip the light bulbs to the bottom of each paper cup. Do this until you cover the whole length of the garland.

2. Crepe paper toran

diwali decoration ideas 6Image source: Oh Happy Day

This crepe paper toran will last longer than fresh flower toran for sure, and it looks nicer than plastic toran. To create your own toran, get crepe papers in various colours of your choice. Follow the instructions here to make the toran. You can also add gold bells at each end to make it more festive. When Diwali is over, don’t throw away your toran, keep it for other festivals or gatherings!

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3. Candle inside a jar

diwali decoration ideas

Image source: Ezy Shine

This one is such a gem. Quick and easy to make, with an elegant result. Simply pick a few mason jars in various sizes, wrap them with laces, ribbons, or yarns, and place your candle and its holder inside. If you’re not keen on laces and yarns, you can paint the jars and unleash your inner Gustav Klimt to create ornate patterns. For the best results, use acrylic paint that works well on a glass surface.

4. Paper bag luminaries

diwali decoration ideas 4

Image source: Mirador

Paper bag luminaries are great to add the warm ambience and glow for battery-operated candle (caution: don’t use real candles to avoid creating a fire hazard). And who knows the humble brown paper bags can be turned into something so pretty?

To create paper bag luminaries, simply punch your paper with a decorative hole punch, and put your candle inside. Don’t worry if you don’t have a decorative punch, punching the paper bags with a safety pin or needle works just as well. Create as many as you possibly can for a more dramatic effect.

5. Washi tape Diwali tealights

diwali decoration ideas 5Image source: Pinterest

Tealight candles are a staple for Diwali decoration, but they can look a bit flat with their grey metal holders. For this, washi tapes are the solution! The width of washi tapes perfectly matches the holders, and all you have to do is pick the tapes you like, and wrap them around the tealight. Keep the tapes varied to make it more colourful.

6. Henna-decorated candles

diwali decoration ideas 2Image source: Pinterest

Decorate your plain candle to make it more lively and festive! Choose a big candle for your ‘canvas’, with at least 5 cm diameter (anything smaller would be too hard to decorate), and paint your pattern with a henna cone. When it’s dry, mix PVC glue with a little water, and use a brush to coat your henna-decorated candle. Once the first coat of glue has dried, apply another layer to make sure your henna sticks in place.

7. Hand-painted diyas

diwali decoration ideas 12

Image source: Footnotes and Finds

Diwali isn’t Diwali without diyas, and make it special by painting your own! Buy plain diyas, and get acrylic paints to decorate them. Not a fan of painting? You can also use sequins and beads. Play around with various patterns and colours; the more the better!

8. Fairy lights with a twist

diwali decoration ideas 10Image source: Lights 4 fun

Fairy lights for Diwali is a common thing, but make it fun by hanging photo prints in between the lights! Pick your best family memories, get the photos printed and delivered to you with a few clicks, and hang them on the string with decorative pegs.

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And there you have it! There are a lot more Diwali projects that you can do, but we hope these Diwali decoration ideas for home can help you primp your space in time for Diwali.

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