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7 Decoration Ideas for a 6-Month Baby Birthday Party at Home

Who thought planning decorations for a half-birthday would be this confusing? Well, it’s actually not. Here you will find all that you need to know for your baby’s 6-month birthday. It’s obvious that you cannot explain how much your babylicious means to you. So, the perfect way to remember all of the little things that make your six-month-old pumpkin who they are is to celebrate half-birthday.

Also, babies change dramatically in six months. It’s different from when they’ll be 8 or 12 years old. We know that you are looking for more picture-worthy moments to capture and share pictures of your growing baby, and a half-birthday may be just the thing. Now you must be thinking about, how much it even matters to celebrate the birthday of your baby who does not even understand the concept of birthdays and parties. Well, the moments that you would be creating now for them will have so much more important a few years from now. When they will grow up to be college-going students, and you’ll miss the toddler version of your babylicious, you will be thankful for having their half-birthday celebrated and getting the most memories out of their childhood.

1. Balloons are a must

 Baby smiling around colorful balls

Balloons are very easy to handle and make the venue look festive, even babies love colorful objects. You can embellish your home by decorating it with colorful balloons of different sizes with multi-color ribbons. You can choose from a variety of balloons like helium balloons, tassel balloons, balloon arches, and confetti balloons.

Smiling baby with balloons

Helium balloons are the trendiest and can be paired with ribbons to float on the ceiling. Balloon arches are the best way to create the best party look, especially for a birthday party.

2. Birthday crown for your bubba

 Baby with birthday crown

A birthday party is incomplete without a birthday crown. So, you should definitely have a birthday crown for your munchkin. It can be a handmade one too. A lace tiara for your baby girl and a paper crown for your baby boy.

As a mum, if you cannot find time while planning the whole party to do the craft work, papas must scoop in.

3. 6-month birthday cake, of course!

 Baby near a cake

Any reason for cake, right?You definitely don’t want to have just a simple cake.Here is a 6-month birthday cake idea! Well, how about a half-cake for a half-birthday? Bake a round cake and cut it in half – bonus, you have the extra cake you can eat straight away. Your 6-month-old sweetpea is most likely sitting, or sitting with support, so how cute to document this milestone with a half-birthday cake smash. Have your 6-month birthday cake and eat it too!

Cake smashes have become such a hit, so why not a half-birthday cake smash? Now what about the other half of the cake, well that’s definitely for you sweet mama and papa. After all, the half-birthday celebration is for your milestones as well. All those sleepless nights, diaper changes, and countless feeds deserve to be celebrated! So give yourself all the credit for it.

4. Have a decoration theme


The theme you decide for your half-birthday decoration can be anything from Disneyland to fairy tales. It can be around your kid’s favorite show on television or YouTube like Cocomelon or around baby rhymes. Whatever it takes to make your kid giggle works just fine.

You can have soft toys of your baby’s choice or anything else that a six-month-old would need like sensory toys or a baby walker which is more of a gift for yourself (haha), but, still.

5. Fairy lights

 Balloons and Golden lights decoration

For a birthday party to be teardrop beautiful, it is absolutely necessary to have fairy lights as an intricate part of your baby’s half-birthday party. You can buy them from your nearest store as they are easily available everywhere because these cannot be a DIY.

6. 6-month photo ideas and tips

Baby photoshoot

One thing that is super fun for children, as well as parents, is to have their pictures taken. Now, we know that there are definitely going to be so many pictures of the party and everyone is going to have their galleries full of images from your amazing party but what if we make this a little bit more fun by having a peep board at the party? These can be made at home on a piece of cardboard or even bought. These are not that common at birthday parties but are definitely worth it, because the happiness on kids’ faces when they see colorful things like this is very precious.Also, you must be probably wondering what could be a 6-month birthday gift?For sure this 6-month birthday photoshoot with peep boards is a very cute gift to their future selves.You can have their photoshoot dressed as their favorite cartoon characters.

7. Do the decoration with a personal touch

 Baby sitting

It’s your own child’s half-birthday. It does not have to be a grand decoration, but whatever minimalistic you do, must mean something to you and your family so as to really feel the vibe.Put pictures of your baby and your family on walls, and have a perfect backdrop for you and your guests to click photos and selfies.

Having a nice space to click photos to remember the day is in trend these days. You can DIY that easily. All you need to do is just a little craftwork a day prior to the party and tadaaa! Here is your personalized backdrop which in everyone else’s photos will remind them of the beautiful and cute day they spent with you. You can do a variety with art paper. You can make flowers, butterflies, animal garlands, and even pompoms made of tissue paper. You can even make a paper party cup, it is one of the easiest and most creative ways to decorate for a half-birthday party. All this will be within your budget and will help you learn some art and craft as well because you will have to help your munchkin with his/her school projects.


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