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Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

But with that, the panic slowly starts to set in; what to get your loved ones for this Christmas?

We firmly believe that personalised gifts are the best presents, as they show how much you care. Contrary to the popular opinion, personalised gifts don’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. These gifts can be fun and easy to make, and the results will be something special and valuable your loved ones will treasure forever.

To help you gear up for Christmas, we’ve compiled a list of simple Christmas gift ideas that you can give to your friends and family, all of which can be personalised to suit their taste and style.

Photo book

Unique and Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas - Photojaanic (3)

Photo books are are one of the best DIY Christmas gift ideas for her (girlfiend, wife, mother, or any women that are close to you). Many people have too many photos saved on their digital devices, but nothing beyond that.

Well, this time, how about you surprise them by collecting the photos you know they like the most, and making it into a beautiful photo book? A photo book is such a thoughtful gift that will let the recipient know you care about them, as you take the time to collect their memories and present it to them.

Take photos from everyday life, or special occasions such as holidays or important events, and watch their reaction as they unwrap the gift and look through the pages.

Tip: if you don’t know which photos to choose, take a look at these themed photo book ideas (including photo albums for travel, wedding, special occasions, and daily life!).

This gift is perfect for: Mothers, spouses/partners, siblings, close friends.

Canvas print

Unique and Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas - Photojaanic (13)

Ah, canvas prints. It’s a go-to gift that is beautiful as much as it is versatile, and it makes for a beautiful wall art gift. The great thing about a canvas print is, you can give it to pretty much anyone, and it would still be a well-loved gift as long as you know what to put on it. Here are some ideas on what to put on the canvas print, depending on who you want to give it too:

  • For a family member: Family portrait, a shot of family candid moments
  • For a shutterbug: One of the best photos they’ve clicked
  • For a traveller: Their favourite travel shot
  • For an artist: Their artwork
  • For a poet: Their favourite quotes or lyrics

If you’re looking for an alternative, other wall art such as mounted prints or collage posters would also be great for Christmas gifts.

This gift is perfect for: avid interior fans, artists, shutterbugs, travellers, parents.

Photo calendar

Unique and Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas - Photojaanic (9)

With the year coming to a close, now is the perfect time for calendar gifts. While a generic calendar might seem too impersonal and ordinary, a calendar full of milestones and important moments is nothing like that. With a personalised calendar, not only do you get to choose the photos that you know will bring smiles to the recipient, it also allows you to note down any upcoming celebrations in the year. Reminders of birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions will surely be useful and much appreciated.

This gift is perfect for: Close friends and family.

Personalised mug

Unique and Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas - Photojaanic (6)

This is a very simple gift that can be transformed into something unique and meaningful. You can personalise the mug with their favourite quotes, photos, or even your creations like illustrations and designs. If you’re helping your kids to gift their grandparents, you can use their drawing or art to put onto the mug. Pair the mug with a pack of their favorite coffee/tea, and this would be the perfect combo to start their day with.

P.S. You can also make couple mugs! This is also one of the Christmas gift ideas for him and her that can be really cute.

This gift is perfect for: Coffee/tea drinkers

Playing cards

Unique and Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas - Photojaanic (2)

There’s no better gift than spending time together with your family and loved ones, and for some downtime, how about a deck of cards as a gift? It would be something that the whole family can enjoy together while enjoying the holidays. As you can personalise them, the card games with the family would be much more fun as they get to see their faces replacing Jacks, Queens, and Kings.

This gift is perfect for: stocking fillers for close friends and family.

Christmas cards

Unique and Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas - Photojaanic (12)

Last but not least, Christmas cards! No Christmas gift would be complete without a Christmas card to write your message on. Create Christmas cards with your own photos to make it unique. Personalised Christmas cards and gifts together would make a lasting impression on the recipients.

Tip: Not sure what to put on your Christmas cards? Check out these simple photo ideas for your cards!

We hope these Christmas gift ideas can help you pick the best gifts for your friends and family! Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below!

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