Wedding Invitation Ideas: Which Theme Fits Your Personalities?

Do you need creative wedding invitation ideas that reflect your styles?

Wedding invitations are your chance to share something about you as a couple, and that’s why it’s important to create wedding invitations with a theme that fit your personalities and styles. It’s also the teaser for your wedding, so you want them to be unique, to pique people’s curiosity.

But which theme reflects your personalities as a couple? Is it rustic, vintage, classic, modern, or something else entirely?

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled theme-based creative wedding invitation ideas, so you can peruse and choose the one that fits you.


creative wedding invitation ideas

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If you’re a nature person and you like outdoor activities, a rustic theme would be a perfect choice for your wedding. Characterised by nature-inspired details and earth tone for the colour palette, the charm lies in the simplicity and the calm, relaxing vibe.

As the rustic theme champions natural elements and neutral colours, it’s not hard to create affordable and creative wedding invitations. A humble brown paper can give the instant rustic feel to your invitations, and coupled with simple details and calligraphy, you’ll be all set. Want something more than brown paper? Adding wood patterns, textures, or other natural elements is also an easy way to give your invitations a rustic look.

creative wedding invitation ideas

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creative wedding invitation ideas

Photo Credits: Charlie Juliet

Whimsical wedding is a broad term that is open to interpretation. Some associate it with fairytale-like images, while others envision it with bright colour palettes. One thing for sure, this theme is for couples with endless imagination.

Using illustration is a good way to bring the whimsical theme to your creative wedding invitations. There are many artists and illustrators who do custom wedding stationery, so you can choose the one who matches your style and budget.

Photo Credits: Charlie Juliet 7 Creative Ways to Use Retro Prints for Wedding Props


creative wedding invitation ideas

Photo Credits: Lucky Luxe

The distinctive style of the vintage theme cannot be mistaken. Antique ornaments, attire with old elegance, and unique decor all contribute to the charm of this theme.

How about the invitations? The secret is to add at least 1 element from the bygone era that can make your invitations look vintage. A toile pattern, a vintage map, and an old-style font are just some ideas for your vintage invitations. You can also use brown or cream paper, and colours that give the faded look.


creative wedding invitation ideas

You can never go wrong with a classic theme. Timeless and elegant, this is the perfect choice for those who are sophisticated and love traditions. For the couple, choosing a classic theme means they won’t be short of options for all wedding-related details; from decor to dresses, they have a wide array of options to choose from.

Wedding invitations with a classic theme often use foil and/or calligraphy to achieve the elegant look. With these, you don’t need to worry so much about details. Choosing a classic theme can simplify a few things, and wedding invitations are one of those.

Want to make it even simpler? Create them with an online wedding card maker!


creative wedding invitation ideas

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Are you a free spirit who aspires to have a casual and relaxed wedding? If yes, you can consider going for a bohemian wedding. A bohemian wedding is a good mix of rustic and vintage, with strong natural elements incorporated into the mix. As floral and greenery usually play a big part in boho weddings, you can use this as the main element in your unique wedding card design.


creative wedding invitation ideas

This one is for the couples who enjoy glamour and luxury, who don’t mind splurging a bit when it comes to special occasions. Glam weddings usually need intricate details in every part, but with the invitations, you can use a simple design with a glamorous effect. The secret? The good old’ sparkly glitter! For this, a simple template and background would be best, as the glitter already does the job.


creative wedding invitation ideas

Photo Credits: Ashleigh and Erik

Ah, romantic weddings. Think lots of flowers, warm colours, and delicate details. You can incorporate these characteristics to give a romantic touch to your unique wedding cards.

Delicate flowers, leaves, or vine illustrations go quite well with this theme, with many brides opt for wreaths to adorn their wedding invitation cards. Coupled with cursive writing or calligraphy, you can be sure that your guests will notice instantly the theme you’re going for.


creative wedding invitation ideas

If you’re after minimalist and clean style, a modern wedding would be up your alley. This theme has simplicity at its core without making it boring, and that’s what modern wedding invitations look like: Sleek and polished.

For a modern theme, the popular option is a wedding card with photo, with clean Sans Serif typeface. Bold graphic design and geometric pattern usually fit this theme. For the colour palette, people usually go for either monochromatic or clashing, bright colours.


creative wedding invitation ideas

Image credit: Jen Wojcik Photography

This one is for weddings that don’t follow any rules, for those couples whose creativity knows no bounds. Your style can’t be boxed into the existing category, so why not make your own style?

You can put anything you desire in the invitations and have fun with it; illustrations, jokes, or stories of you as a couple. There’s no colour palette to follow or certain look to adhere to, so be as creative as you can!

We hope these wedding invitation ideas can help you with your big day!

If you’d like to create your invitations without any hassle, why not create wedding cards online? We offer various unique wedding card designs for you to choose from, or you can upload your own design if you wish. It’s simple, quick, and will definitely save you from too much stress.

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