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11 DIY Wall Decor Ideas You Can Do in Less Than 1 Hour

Easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ‘DIY wall decor’?

If you think it’s always time-consuming and requires a lot of work, then hopefully you’ll have your mind changed by the end of this post.

There are lots of DIY wall art projects that can be done in less than 1 hour, with results that match those sold in stores. So before you spend your hard-earned money on expensive decor pieces, let’s take a look at these insanely easy DIY wall decor ideas that will give you satisfying results.

1. Retro wall

easy DIY wall decor ideas - retro wall

Image credit: Be Grassy

Retro prints are making their way back to glory. They’re often used for scrapbooks and journals, but they can also make a good decor statement when you use them to make a Retro wall. It’s easy, fun, and it doesn’t cost you a fortune. What’s not to love?

Order retro prints now to start creating!

2. Travel wall

easy DIY wall decor ideas - travel wall

Image credit: Aye Wanderful

Are you a traveler who has collected many travel keepsakes through the years? Don’t let them gather dust in the corner, but bring them out to spruce up your wall! You can create a feature wall with your favorite travel photos, posters, or even maps. You can also install a floating shelf for keepsakes that can’t be hung, like beautiful ceramics, figurines, or tableware.

3. Photo garland

easy DIY wall decor ideas - photo garland

Image credit: Elsar Blog

For photo prints fans who are looking for photo wall ideas without frames, you can try creating a photo garland. All you need is a string (a white yarn would be good for this), mini wooden clothespins, and photo prints of your favorite moments. Whether you use square photos or retro prints, they all will look effortlessly amazing!

4. Yarn hanging

easy DIY wall decor ideas - yarn hanging

Image credit: Homedit

Yarn hangings have gained popularity as of late, and while macrame and other weaving pieces need more skills and time, this one isn’t like that. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to create this without difficulties. It only involves cutting the yarns and tying them to the dowel, and voila! You get an elegant, stylish decor piece that looks like it comes from a trendy interior shop.

You can read the detailed instructions to make yarn hangings in this Homedit article, and trust us, this is incredibly easy to make.

5. Instagram Gallery

easy DIY wall decor ideas - instagram gallery

Image credit: A Joyful Riot

For Instagrammers who create beautiful imagery and inspiring galleries, this one is perfect for you. If you like how your feed looks on your tiny screen, imagine looking and admiring it right in front of you, in your own house.

To make this, you can go with a simple way by sticking your photo prints directly on the wall, or add a little something to make it more stylish, for example, wooden blocks or wall photo frames.

How to arrange the photos? Just arrange them like you would on Instagram!

6. Brush lettering quotes

easy DIY wall decor ideas - brush lettering quotes

Image credit: Cgleasondesign

Picking up the latest trends, brush lettering is also on the top of the list here. If you have the skill for brush lettering and a fondness for words, make your own hand lettering wall art. You can also add a sprinkle of glitter if you like playful decorations. Once you’re finished, frame and hang it on the wall.

READ: You can have line art ideas that will make your lettering quotes look finishing smooth.

7. Magnet wall

easy DIY wall decor ideas - magnet wall

Image credit: Apartment Therapy

This is another simple wall decor that shouldn’t be underestimated, as it can add a great touch to your wall. Think of a blank canvas where you can stick photo magnets and other refrigerator magnets on.

For this, you need a metal sheet (or more than one sheet if you want to make it big) for your magnet board. Now, the next step is up to you; you can leave it as it is, coat it with fresh paint, or wrap it in a fabric of your choice. Once done, set it up on the wall, and start decorating it with your favorite magnets!

If you need some inspiration, you can check out these photo magnet ideas.

8. Statement prints

easy DIY wall decor ideas - statement prints

Image source: Wall Art Prints

Sometimes, less is more. For a clean and uncluttered look for your wall, you can choose 2-3 statement pieces to decorate it. If you’re an illustrator, painter, or photographer, this is the chance to showcase your masterpiece using canvas photo printing singapore. All you have to do is print and hang them in the center of the wall. All eyes will be on it!

9. Kids art gallery wall

easy DIY wall decor ideas - kids art gallery wall

Image credit: Belle Maison 

Don’t let your kids feel left out. Ask them to pick some of their favorite artwork from their collection, and let them join you in the fun. If they want to create something special for the wall decoration, these easy painting ideas for kids can be their inspiration.

For a more refined and elegant look, use simple and minimalist frames for their artwork before hanging them on the wall. Seeing their work on the wall will surely make them proud!

10. Mason jars

easy DIY wall decor ideas - mason jars

Image credit: Fondation Macaya

Mason jars are a hack for easy DIY home decor. They are stunning on their own, but a small tweak can also bring them to a whole different level. You can use them as terrariums, vases, or even tealight lanterns. The great thing about mason jars is that they’re versatile, so you can get creative and transform them into anything you like! If you need some inspiration, here are more ideas on ways to use mason jars.

11. Canvas wall banner

easy DIY wall decor ideas - canvas wall banner

Image credit: Homedit

Easy and stylish, canvas wall banners are the top choice for DIY wall art. All you need is a dowel, canvas fabric, leather scraps for the letters, and a glue gun to stick them to the canvas. No sewing required! Follow this canvas wall banner tutorial to create this beauty!

Which of these ideas would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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