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Creative Accordion Photo Cards Ideas

Showcase your best images on customized accordion photo cards. They’re a great way to present your photo projects, creative portfolio, wedding souvenirs, or travel diaries. Don’t keep those lovely photos locked up in drawers or hidden in your hard drive – share them!

Explore the multiple possibilities of displaying your images on the accordion photo cards.

There are many creative ways to use accordion photo cards, here are some ideas:

Showcase Photography Interests and Projects

Nurture and stay connected with your interests. If you are a bird lover, passionate gardener or nature photographer, exhibit your precious collection of those rare sightings on accordion photo cards.

Present Art Projects

Unleash your imagination by creating your own comic or storyboard accordion photo card! A fun and quirky way to share stories, artworks, illustration projects, or sketches or Singapore photo spots.


Exhibit Travel Memories

Display the best of your travel photos on the accordion photo cards. They are a great way to share visual stories from your travels.


Make an Invite

Hosting an exhibition or party? Make attractive invites with accordion photo Cards. Showcase your artworks or photographs to create curiosity and excitement for your guest list.

Burst Mode shoots for the Trigger Happy

Are you trigger happy shooting in burst mode? Accordion cards are an effective way to display Burst shots that create a sense of time (For example a dolphin jumping out of the water or a running race).


Accordion photo cards come in two sizes:6” x 4” and 5” x 3.5” in matt finish. The former size lets you display 8 images(printed front and back) and the latter size displays 10 images (printed front and back).

Share your ideas with us and enjoy storytelling!

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